Women's Scholarship

TruGrace Women's Scholarship

Application period: September 1 – October 15, 2020


Scholarship amount: $5,000 


Benefitting Female Veterans and First Responders of Central Oregon

About Our Donor

Patty Warden

BS in Business Management, Bellevue College, Nebraska, January 1993
MS in Government Contract Management, Air Force Institute of Technology, May 1995

Patty Warden created the Trugrace Scholarship Fund to support the educational needs of women in the Veteran and First Responder communities.

Prior to Patty’s enrollment in college, she was a stay-at-home-mom living on base. As a military spouse, Patty found herself working at the Patrick Air Force Base. She began to take great interest in improving her skill set and made the decision to enroll in night school. During that time, Patty landed a clerk position in the local contracting office and discovered a notable career path. Over the next few years, she was transferred multiple times to other bases throughout the country, all while continuing her education. Patty was determined to take her career to the next level and made the decision to enroll at Bellevue College in Omaha, NE to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

After successfully completing her undergraduate degree, Patty experienced a feeling of self-improvement, self-sufficiency, and financial stability. These feelings of independence became the driving force to take her educational career even further. Patty went on to successfully complete her Master’s Degree in Government Contract Management at the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Today, Patty enjoys a variety of hobbies and loves to sew, collect stamps, and drink good wine. She especially enjoys researching paths of ancestry, or “going down the rabbit hole” as she likes to call it. Patty even learned that her 9th Great Grandmother, Rebecca Nurse, was the first witch to be hung in Salem, MA in 1692. You can often find Patty at her home in Bend, OR reading a good book alongside her two dogs — Truman and Grace.

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